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Who we are

We are "Bocconi Students for Value Investing," a dedicated student-led association at Bocconi University. Our primary mission is to empower members with the essential tools and insights needed to discern, analyze, and accurately assess the intrinsic value of any company. By fostering a community of Value Investors, we champion a long-term vision and aim to steer clear of short-term speculation. We firmly believe that our hands-on projects complement academic learning, granting members real-world application and ensuring they are well-equipped when entering the professional world. We continually strive for excellence in all our projects, with the aim of guiding our talented members to success in their careers.

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To attract and nurture Italy's largest community of students passionate about value investing, empowering them with knowledge, resources, and opportunities to cultivate a lifelong commitment to excellence, integrity, and informed investment practices.


We envision a future where our members become leaders in the investment industry, driving positive change and delivering superior long-term value for stakeholders.

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BSVI was founded in 2022. In our inaugural year, we undertook several equity research projects, delving deep into companies within the Gaming and Automotive sectors. By the summer of 2023, we set a definitive objective to enhance our association further. We crafted comprehensive guides and templates, bolstered our social media presence, and revamped the recruitment process. These enhancements are aimed to elevating our association, empowering our members to hone their technical expertise and achieve superior outcomes.


In 2022, BSVI was established as the only association at Bocconi University dedicated to Value Investing. Here, passionate value investors can find a place to share their views, enhance their technical skills , and connect with like-minded individuals.


The Beginning

During the association's inaugural year, our primary focus was on equity research projects. Members from the Finance, Sector and Strategy, and Financial Statement Analysis divisions collaborated to analyze various publicly listed companies in the Automotive and Gaming sector. These teams sought to deeply understand each company's business model and strategies, delved into their financial statements, and ultimately determined a final valuation for each firm.



In the summer of 2023, both members and founders took the summer break as an opportunity to further enhance the association's potential. Comprehensive guides and templates were developed, the organizational structure underwent a transformation, and we revamped our recruitment approach. Additionally, our presence on social media was significantly expanded.


Fresh New Start

By September 2023, our transformation was complete, setting the stage for a new beginning. The executing team was eager to see the fruits of a summer's hard work. We are passionately committed to facilitating the success of our members, producing high-quality research and constantly improving our association.

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