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Our Divisions

Rooted in the principles of value investing, we've established five specialized divisions to holistically address the multifaceted world of investment. Each division is uniquely designed to empower our members with depth, precision, and practical expertise.


Finance: Delve deep into the core financial concepts, instruments, and tools that form the foundation of intelligent investing.

Sector & Strategy: Discover and decipher the intricacies of diverse industries and formulate astute investment strategies for each.

Financial Statement Analysis: Master the art of reading between the lines of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements to unearth hidden gems and potential red flags.

Portfolio: Engage in the real-world application of investment theories and strategies, managing portfolios that reflect our collective insights and convictions.

Marketing & Events: Elevate our Association's brand, cultivate our community, and organize illuminating events that foster learning and networking.

Curious to learn more about a specific division? Dive deeper into what each division offers, the opportunities it provides, and the passionate members driving its mission forward.

Marketing & Events

Promoting our mission, the Marketing & Events Division amplifies Value Investing knowledge through curated events and strategic outreach. Join, learn, and network with industry leaders.

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